I have been a goldsmith/ jewelry designer and a scuba instructor diver for more than 35 years. My love of the ocean and it’s incredible magic provide me with endless images of inspiration to create beautifully wearable designs. Being underwater on a tropical reef with jewel colored fish and captivating shapes of rough hard corals and soft sponges is to enter into another world.
Along with the joy of sharing the beauty of what I experience underwater in my designs, I hope to focus attention on the preservation of our oceans.  I donate a portion of my sales to the Ocean Conservancy and Reef International to help sustain the study of scientific education as well as conservation

Alexis Barbeau

Alexis Barbeau

Jewelry Designer and Goldsmith

I have always been deeply inspired by nature and the ocean.  As a long time scuba diver; I am captivated by amazing underwater shapes and the fantastic array of sparkling tropical colors, and use this brilliance to bring soul to each of my pieces.

Working with the lost wax casting process, each piece, each setting, each link and coral branch is first carved from a block of wax. The burnout of that wax creates a negative space into which molten metal is injected.  This is then followed by forging, fabricating, and finishing the piece.   With the addition of unique stones set in contemporary forms, the organic designs cultivate wonderful wearable adornment.

My hope is to focus attention on the beauty of underwater nature, so people will take interest in what is 80% of our planet’s surface.  In gratitude, a portion of sales and time are donated to the Ocean Conservancy and, to help sustain the beauty and magnificence of what I see underwater.

Alexis Barbeau

Alexis Barbeau

Master Scuba Diver Trainer

My first dive was in St Croix back in 1978.  It was my first glimpse of lots of wonderful hours under the ocean’s surface.  It is another world of incredible fascination and color.  It is like floating in a Dr Seuss book with creatures that glide and morph into extended shapes and bright luminescent colors.  It is like falling in love.  It is so peaceful.

Knowing that I was hooked, I followed this passion on to become a Master Scuba Diver Trainer through the Professional Association of Dive Instructors – PADI.  It took me 13 years and dives all over the planet from the Seychelle Islands, to Crete and Cyprus, to Buffalo, NY, to Florida and the Caribbean.

Whether in relaxing tropical waters or lip freezing cold rivers, there is always something unbelievable to discover about yourself and the underwater world.  Each dive provides me with inspiration and this is what I take with me into my art.

When a spotted eagle ray gracefully passes silently by, or a frightened squid squirts a jet of inky blackness in my direction, I delight in each adventure.  My current inspiration is sea grass which grows all over our planet in shallow, coastal waters in sand or mud bottoms.  These grasses act as filters for the water column, trapping sediment and providing food and shelter for hundreds of juvenile fish as well as turtles and manatees.

I use my diving experience to create and encourage the need for sustainability of our oceans as well as keep me motivated as a practicing jewelry artist.

Experienced & Knowledgeable

The joy of creating and hand working precious metal in addition to selecting the color and personality of each luminescent stone to fit the design has been my delight for over thirty five years.  I learned my bench skills in the Bay area in the late 80’s and early 90’s and later sold my collections to Sak’s Fifth Avenue, Macy’s and Nordstrom who were just beginning the trend in showcasing designer jewelry trunk shows.  It was an honor as well as great experience to connect directly with the client.  In the late 90’s and on into the new millennium, juried fine art and fine craft shows have become the place for artists to promote and sell their work.  I continue to work directly with customers at these art shows, from my website, and through fine jewelry galleries across the US.

Creative Solutions

When you see a design in my collection that sparks your imagination and would like to personally customize it by using a stone that you may already have in your jewelry box, I am always happy to work with your ideas.  By making an appointment either by phone email, we can discuss the work and create a special piece.

Customer Service

My designs are created from my love and meditation of bringing unusual art jewelry into shape.  When you purchase a piece form my collections, I am sharing hours of involvement with one of my precious pieces, and to me it is perfect in every way.   I want the customer to be as happy with their purchase, and guarantee customer satisfaction.  If there are any questions, always inquire.  I want you to be totally happy with your selection!