Alexis Barbeau Designs Collection 2019

Custom fine jewelry capturing the beauty of the ocean and nature

14k gold custom nautical pendant

Custom Nautical Spring Collection for 2019

Being a custom nautical jewelry designer and working with the ocean has been my joy for over 36 years. I delight in capturing the reflection of a precious diamond and placing it into a unique setting of coral inspired ring.  From the careful carving of natural shapes, to the selection of brilliant sparkling stones, to the highlighting brought about with the many steps of fine polishing, I put all my effort into bringing to life the beauty which I experience when scuba diving into each custom nautical design.  As an award winning fine jewelry designer and diver, my love of the adventure of jumping into magic of the tropical blue ocean inspires me with endless designs to create beautifully graceful shapes in wearable jewelry.  To be underwater on a tropical reef with rainbow colored fish, delicate hard corals and long legged octopus is to enter another world.  

I have incorporated wonderful sea creatures like seahorses, mermaids, and marlin along with diamonds, tourmalines, and sapphires in my custom wedding rings.   I have used the textures of sea grass and coral to capture their amazing shapes and transforming them into earrings and pendants.   Tahitian pearls being one of my favorite stones; reminds me of far away tropical lagoons with turtles and sea stars and the twilight reflection of a full moon rising over the water.    

Along with sharing the beauty of what I experience, I intend to focus attention on the preservation of our oceans.  A portion of my sales is donated to the Ocean Conservancy and Reef International to help sustain the study of scientific education and ocean conservation. My award winning designs are available through my website and at my studio in Boca Raton as well as the many juried fine art shows along the East Coast of the US.